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For Audiences of All Ages

July 13, 2019


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The great thing about magicians is that they can work with any demographic. Old and young people love seeing magicians perform magic tricks. For my son’s 10th birthday party, I hired a magician from, and he wasn’t only a hit with the kids that were my son’s age. The adults all loved the magician as well because he was doing some pretty impressive tricks. Given that the adults have been around longer, we’ve seen some magicians in our day, but this guy was on a whole different level than the magic acts that we were used to seeing.

All of the kids had their eyes glued to the magician.Read More »

Lasting Through the Work Day

May 2, 2019


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I used the Soma pill last week because I was having some pain in my leg and it worked like a charm. Before I took the pill, my leg was hurting so bad that I couldn’t really stand on it. This was bad, because I needed to go to work. I didn’t have any sick days left, and I really needed the money, so I had to find some way to work through the pain, whether I liked it or not. I was prepared to wrap a bandage around my leg in the hopes that it would have some kind of effect, but I just pulled one of the pills from my medicine cabinet instead, and it took care of the rest.

I took some of the pills with me to work so that if the pain returned, I would have something to put it back at bay again, but I didn’t need them. The pill that I took before I went off to work lasted for the whole time that I was there. I was able to move around and lift things like I normally would, which is necessary at the factory where I work. The factory makes various tools for use in construction, such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and so forth. There’s a lot of heavy metal being carried around and it can be a tough job sometimes.

Once I got home from my job, I wanted to relax, so I drew a bath, put some soap in it to make a lot of bubbles, and just laid in the tub for an hour. After doing such hard work all the day long, I deserved to have a little time to rest. I didn’t even think about my leg, but I’m sure the bath did some good for it. After the bath, I dried off, put on my robe, and popped some popcorn.