For Audiences of All Ages

July 13, 2019


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The great thing about magicians is that they can work with any demographic. Old and young people love seeing magicians perform magic tricks. For my son’s 10th birthday party, I hired a magician from, and he wasn’t only a hit with the kids that were my son’s age. The adults all loved the magician as well because he was doing some pretty impressive tricks. Given that the adults have been around longer, we’ve seen some magicians in our day, but this guy was on a whole different level than the magic acts that we were used to seeing.

All of the kids had their eyes glued to the magician. He did one trick where he took a flower petal and turned it into an egg, and then cracked the egg in a cup, and the kids all cheered when he did it. No matter what trick he did, the kids could never figure out how they were done, and neither could the adults. I had my guesses as to how the tricks were done, but all of them made the tricks more complicated than they seemed. It must take a lot of skill and practice to get that good at performing magic tricks without anyone noticing how the tricks were performed.

My son’s favorite part was when the magician asked him to help him perform a trick. For that one, he had a popcorn bucket and put some popcorn kernels in it. My son held the bucket and the magician put a covering over it and said some magic words. Then the magician had my son take the covering off and the kernels were gone but in their place were fully popped pieces of popcorn. No one heard any kernels popping or smelled them, which made the trick even more amazing.