Tips Tips for The Average Joe

August 18, 2017


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Earn While Job Hunting

There are acceptable rationale why you do not have an occupation today.Maybe you’re a fresh graduate looking for that first job offer. Maybe you lost your source of income?Or you could still be waiting for the opening in the company you’re eyeing for, for a very long time.

Whatever the situation is, you shouldn’t just slack around. You can earn a good amount of money while improving your resume.The following tips will help you achieve just that: Focus on one task at a time.

Freelancing may be best for you

Whatever your skills and talent are, you can earn from freelancing.There are opportunities in writing and graphic design.You can choose from tons of freelancing sites to get started.On these sites, you can promote your skills and find freelancing job suitable for you.Just be honest with your rates and make sure to deliver.Exemplary performance can even land you more projects under the same contract.

Freelancing may not offer weekly salary or benefits and holiday remuneration.Most government taxes should be handled by the freelancer personally.To be honest, it is not easy.But you can make a lucrative career out of it if you’re good.Freelancing will also help you improve your resume if you decide to pursue and application in the future.


Franchising requires a good amount of money to serve as your capital.Some get a loan or just use their savings for this.With your money, you can get tips for operating strategies, marketing support and links to big companies.It’s an opportunity that can lead to a good results.Franchises can educate you on entrepreneurship.This will also give you the opportunity to learn about business, marketing, HR, and accounting.This will also give you an edge over other candidates in your next application.Your relationship with big brands will make you stand out in the future.And if you’re really good, you may even choose to do this for good.

Be a Contractor

Many business owners want to lessen their expenses.Some find it difficult to pay for all company expenses including salary, tax, insurance and leave allowance.This is where contractors come to play.It’s as easy as paying one bill for one task.You can find an opportunity as a contractor.Contractors have more flexibility since they are not full-time employees.It’s just that you still won’t enjoy the benefits of full-time workers.But you have the freedom to charge by day, hour or job.You just need to prove that you can do the job well.You have to know what the company is looking for and what you can offer.Marketers are often recruited in this method.